Zima Child Hope Africa (ZICHA) connects Sponsors with needy children in Uganda. At the front line are the experienced social workers who identify the children in need of sponsorship based on ZICHA's sponsorship selection criteria.

£ 24 or $ 30 a month will for one child cover:

• Education costs (School fees and scholastics)
• Health screening and medical treatment
• Knowledge and skill impacting lessons/training
• Hygiene supplies like soap and toothpaste
• Home visitation
• Centre day supplies like food, snacks, stationary and games

Our sponsors receive update reports twice a year about their sponsored child. We provide our sponsors with accurate and up-to-date information about the child without violating any of the child’s privacy rights.
Sponsors also have the opportunity to write letters to the children they sponsor.

To sponsor a child, please get in touch using our contacts at the bottom of this web page.

Child sponsorship refers to activities that provide support to a particular child by the utilization of donations from the child’s sponsor.

Purpose of the criteria
The child sponsorship criteria is meant to identify and only include the most vulnerable children in the sponsorship program.

Who are the most vulnerable children?
These are children who are at a higher risk of missing out on schooling, living in households with less food security, suffer anxiety and depression, and are at greater risk of exposure to diseases and infection.

These include:
• Orphans
• Those living with single parents.
• Those evidenced by the community leader as unable to go to school because of family financial constraints. 
• Those living with a caregiver with a chronic illness or are terminally ill.
• The one at a high risk of abuse or has already suffered abuse.

Minimum standards in the child selection criteria
• The child should be able to benefit from sponsorship and the caregiver/s be willing to welcome the sponsorship of the child.
• Not more than two children can be selected per family. If the children are twins they are both considered into the sponsorship program.
• The child should not be above 10 years.
• The child should be stable in the community and not being sponsored by any other organization.
• The child should be living within the geographical area where they can easily reach the organization for support.
• Children are not discriminated either by gender or religion or physical impairment or by a disability.
• A gender balance should be attained in the overall number of children registered.

• The child selection committee is chosen and trained.
• The selection committee interacts with the community leaders in order to identify the most vulnerable children. These community leaders include religious leaders, school leaders, other organizations’ leaders and Local council members.
• The child and family background details are registered on the selection form.
• The selection committee compiles a report and submits it to the team leader of the organization for scrutiny and approval.
• ZICHA social workers begin corresponding with the children and sponsors as they strengthen the sponsorship program.