672 children supported in pre-primary education
“I live with my mother who separated with my father. My mother gets little money from selling vegetables every evening in the trading centre. My mother’s little income is not enough to provide the basic needs for our family of four children.
My mother, being a single mother and paying school fees for my three siblings, was unable to pay my school fees.
I thank ZICHA for giving me hope for my studies. I would not have attended school if it was not for ZICHA’s support.
I want to be a Teacher when I finish my studies.”
 - Hakima, currently studying on bursary in top class

“I live with my mother who is a housewife and my father who makes bricks to get an income.
My father struggled to pay school fees for my three siblings because his work does not give him enough money to take care of all the family needs. I missed a full term as I begun pre-primary because of lack of school fees. This is when ZICHA identified me for support in school.
I would have not been able to go to school if it wasn’t for this help. I am thankful for having received this opportunity to study."
 - Jorum, top class graduate 2018

One pre-primary school built
After conducting a survey in Masooli Parish and in consultation with the local leaders, it was realized that parents found a lot of difficulty in taking their children to a pre-primary school that was over 5 Kilometers from the parish. Children being knocked by speedy vehicles and motorcycles as they crossed the main roads was frequently being reported. To mitigate this risk, many parents decided to keep their children home without going to school.

This was the basis of the construction of the first pre-primary school in Massoli parish that was completed in 2014. This pre-primary school that is located in Masooli parish in Nangabo sub-county in Wakiso District is the known centre of excellence in the area for quality pre-primary education.

2,483 youths made commitments to sexual purity until marriage through the True Love Waits campaign.  

A group of young people signing the True Love Waits pledge cards.

3,375 children trained in livelihood and life skills
“I always desired to learn how to make snacks so that I can add it as one of the items I can sell in my mother’s shop. ZICHA trained me on how to make Bagiya. I am so happy that I learnt making Bagiya.
I will use my learnt skills to teach my mother too.”

“I hated my father because he is a drunkard and mistreats my mother. I blamed him in my heart for all the suffering our family goes through. I did not respect him and wished we stayed with our mother alone.
Its until after this training that I am considering forgiving Daddy and respecting him as my father.
Thank you ZICHA for this life transforming training.”
 - Teddy (One of the children who received training in interpersonal relationship between children and parents.)