Our Child sponsorship program provides education to needy children whose families are unable to cover the full cost for their education. We do this with the help of loving sponsors who donate funds to the children’s education.

At ZICHA our sponsors are family and we greatly value their generosity.
Through the sponsorship program, children are also able to receive basic medical care that ensures their physical wellbeing.


Under this program the physical, mental, spiritual, personal, cultural and social development of a child is nurtured. 
Health and well being program benefits the child, family and the community in interventions such as:

Under health falls

• Water, sanitation and hygiene improvement
Here the water that the child uses is monitored to be safe at all time and deliberate effort is made in ensuring that the child’s surrounding sanitation and level of general hygiene is up to the require standard. Monitoring of water, sanitation and hygiene is done during the quarterly home visitations done at every child beneficiaries’ home and measures of intervention are designed in case of need of improvement in any area is identified.

• Training in disease prevention and control
Health education on the prevention and control of common illnesses is done through trainings that are done both for the children and caregivers as scheduled in the organizations strategic plan.

• Healthy living promotion like good nutrition, dental care, among others
Every child beneficiary will have a general health screening two times in a year. This will help to identify any underlying health conditions in the child. The identified health condition will be treated accordingly.

• Medical treatment and outreaches
When a child falls sick, ZICHA will ensure the child receives medical care as per the organizations medical mandate. Community medical outreaches in the areas where the children live will be conducted at least once a year to enable the child’s siblings and caregivers get an opportunity for free health screening and medical treatment.

Under well-being falls
• Psychological and emotional development
Here the child’s self esteem, self concept and coping skills are enhanced. This is embedded in the teaching curriculum that the children will have an opportunity to be taught as programmed.

• Spiritual development
Children are introduced to the Christian discipline that includes age graded Bible studies, evangelism and discipleship. The children are facilitated with devotional and discipleship materials.

• Social development
The children are taught on how relate well with their parent and community members. The children are also skilled in positive social behaviors and taught on how to deal with the prevailing social challenges.

• Cognitive development
The learning and reasoning ability of every child is considered. In this way ZICHA works to ensure every child attends school, receives educational materials and supplies in bid to enhance every child’s cognitive development.
Lessons that address the cognitive aspect as included in the teaching curriculum are taught to the children during the centre days at the organization.

Under the health and wellbeing falls infrastructural development as per the funds designated by the donor. These include health centers, schools, latrines, refuse dumping areas, storm water cannels, libraries, training centers, offices and social centers.


We carry out a number of trainings and activities under this program to promote children’s innovativeness, entrepreneurship and social skills.

For vocational skilling, we conduct the following trainings include computer training, baking, and hairdressing.
Self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, interpersonal relationship, coping with stress and coping with emotion are some of the life skills we impart in the sponsored children.